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The White Lady – 4.2

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Briscoe had been a methodical if idiotic limo operator; now it appeared he was a professional getaway vehicle driver, the getaway vehicle being a new black Tahoe, liberated from the Hub’s parking lot. Hurtling at top speed through the now-moonlit city back towards the lab, he displayed obvious top-level emergency driving skills mixed with a dash of pure adrenaline junkie crazy-fuck get-out-of-my-way manouvering.

Several emergency vehicles passed us heading towards the bombed skyscraper.

“Ours?” I asked Briscoe, not recognizing the markings. He nodded, his crazy grin still pasted on his face.

“CCS is in full damage control mode now,” he said. “Emergency dispatchers orders will be overridden so that the ‘regular’ authorities will think all is under control by each others agencies. FBI will beleive its Anti-terrorism Unit is already on the job.”

“Slick, especially since the Hub was the source of that type of operation … before.” I, like every other agent, had been on a need-to-know basis when it came to the inner workings of CCS. I had never had to deal with an internal attack.

“Back-up contingency plans and communications systems are all duplicated … elsewhere. Most of CCS’s remaining resources in this city will be focused on the Hub and the coverup, which gives us a slim chance to get into Gem Bio-Dynamics and get you what you need.”

“You honestly think Dr. Mireille will just hand over my order now? He must know what’s happened—no doubt heard the first alert on me.”

“Dr. Mireille and I have a little … understanding.” Briscoe’s barked a cruel laugh. “Sort of a mutual arrangement. He gets me what I want—when I want it. I get him girls.”


“Little girls.” Briscoe glanced at me sideways. I kept my face carefully blank.

Really nice.

“How’re you holding up, there?” Briscoe jerked a thumb towards my ribs, at the same time dodging a garbage truck backing out of an alley.

“I’ll be fine. Nothing broken except ego.” I still couldn’t take a full breath, but I was working on it.

“Good. We’ll probably need you whole if we’re going to accomplish the mission.”

I grabbed the dashboard with both hands to brace for the right angle turn I could see coming up knowing Briscoe would corner at top speed. Gritting my teeth against the G-force as he went into the turn, I managed to swivel my head to glare at him.

“What do you mean … we?” I grunted.

An evil chuckle was all I got as he concentrated on finding the ultimate path through the cluttered streets ahead. Once chosen, he relaxed slightly.

“Smith, you were never going to do this alone. Reshenyova was supposed to meet you again once you got your assets together and would have told you then, I guess. I was always going to be assisting on this caper.”

“To keep an eye on me?”

Another inane grin. “Of course. That … and to finish it if you went down or had … some other complications.”

“What the fuck does that mean? And what happened to the White Lady, anyway?”

“Later, buddy, we’re here.” Briscoe had turned into the Gem parking lot and screeched to a halt in front of the building’s glass doors.

All business, he jumped out of the Tahoe and headed for the door, pistol in hand and without a second glance back to see if I was following him.

Cursing, I followed.