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Is it a blessing or benefit to have consciousness and memory,

Or a curse?

We live our lives in the moment but always know

it gets worse.

We face impending death and invent a hopeful afterlife

Or oblivion;

only take comfort that in the memory and consciousness of others

We carry on


A Note Before I go


A note before I go

To the ones I leave behind

Not in the event that I choose to remove myself

But in the event that I am removed


Most important, top of the charts

Is my bride, long-suffering my foibles and frailty, stubbornness and stupidity.

What love! What Beauty! What strength!

What more can be said …


My oldest, most cared for

And thus most damaged by my ignorance, my helicoptering gaze

Yet managing to rise above, to learn and grow

Most brilliant, most kind, most evolved …


My middle, following (surprisingly) in my footsteps

Sure and confident, clear and composed

Nothing for granted, everything possible

A truer star does not shine …


My youngest, surpassing all expectations

In music, in thought, in love, in action

Potential unlimited, accomplishments many

The universe opens its arms…


To all I give my love and hope

There is more

There is so much more

I pray you experience everything … accept everything

With open arms

With open heart

And open mind


Remember me truthfully

Do not embellish

For all that I am

I am …

By choice

By design

And by all those who came before,

Whom I loved and who loved me

As I love you

The Green and The Blue



To live among the green and the blue

Far from the maddening hue

Of neon and incandescence


To abide within the hum of life

Not the discordant strife

Of Television nonsense


What dream of flowing stream

Would drive one to scream?

What vision of wind swept trees

Would cause one disease?


To fall and sleep under pristine sky

Hear the song of the wild

In ringing harmony


I feel the winds of fate blowing strong

I know it won’t be long

Ere I finally see