It’s about time to become an author.

It takes time to become an author.

First you have to be a reader. Then a writer. Then … you have to have the courage to expose your writing to others; to wrench your narratives from their cushioned deckchairs by the pool of your mind, where they had lain so happily clothed in subjective lounge wear, and thrust them naked and squealing into the mud pits of blogs, forums and contests to wrestle with critique buddies, editors, agents and publishers, where they will lose ninety falls out of a hundred.

I think I might be ready for that last part. I like mud.

Right now, all I want is one win. We shall see.

I have not settled on one genre but find myself enjoying writing crime suspense, historical fiction and personal memoir.

I plan to populate this bog – er blog with exercises in fiction, flash fiction,short fiction, short stories and, once established, bits of novels for critique.

So if you are here, do please comment. Slice and dice. You don’t have to be nice. I prefer comments on content plot and character development and to have answered questions like ” where did you lose interest?”,  rather than on sentence structure or punctuation, but if you must be an editor, then have at it as well.

And thank you for coming here Thank you in advance for any comments.

C.J. Keats

6 thoughts on “About

  1. konchk

    I am looking forward to reading what you post! I don’t see as many works of writing shown (maybe I am looking in all the wrong places). Hope to hear more from you!


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