Is it a blessing or benefit to have consciousness and memory,

Or a curse?

We live our lives in the moment but always know

it gets worse.

We face impending death and invent a hopeful afterlife

Or oblivion;

only take comfort that in the memory and consciousness of others

We carry on

1 thought on “Afterlife

  1. Benoit

    A blessing or a curse would have a benevolent or maleficent thing or source.
    Inventing an afterlife would be simply self-deception.
    . . . always know it gets worse. Our life gets worse, how? By Impending death?
    Carrying on in the memory and consciousness of others. There is nothing there for me. How long would that carrying on last?
    Not too promising for me or others.

    We live our lives in the moment . . . I could use the word present instead of moment and make the following reflection.
    I neither live in the past nor the future. Yet I KNOW that I AM. What is this I am between the past that is gone and the not yet? It is the mystery of my being.
    If I believe in a God who IS and that he did called himself “I AM”! If I believe that my being originated from the ”I Am” and that he keeps me in being, it then shed some light on the mystery of my I am . Without Him keeping me in being in every moment, I would not be.

    Not a very good argument for somebody who refuses the idea of God. How did I come to be? How does one begin to answer the so naively irrational atheist who says “I got here by accident” or “I don’t know”? It is like trying to convince somebody that water is wet. What psychological state permits one to deny coming from an OTHER?
    Two atheists you know well, refused to accept rational arguments pointing to a God, while incapable of answering those arguments; always falling back on a materialist or physicalist philosophy.

    Would the following scientists who claim to have demonstrated in a laboratory experiment the existence of mental forces separate from the brain; would his arguments overcome the psychological state of denial?
    The book is titled: “The Mind and the Brain: neuroplasticity and the power of mental force” 2002 by Jeffrey M. Schwartz

    Another one:
    “The Spiritual Brain: a neuroscientist case for the existence of the soul.”
    Mario Beauregard 2007

    Could not one conclude that if we are more than physical machines, then there is life after death?


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