A Note Before I go


A note before I go

To the ones I leave behind

Not in the event that I choose to remove myself

But in the event that I am removed


Most important, top of the charts

Is my bride, long-suffering my foibles and frailty, stubbornness and stupidity.

What love! What Beauty! What strength!

What more can be said …


My oldest, most cared for

And thus most damaged by my ignorance, my helicoptering gaze

Yet managing to rise above, to learn and grow

Most brilliant, most kind, most evolved …


My middle, following (surprisingly) in my footsteps

Sure and confident, clear and composed

Nothing for granted, everything possible

A truer star does not shine …


My youngest, surpassing all expectations

In music, in thought, in love, in action

Potential unlimited, accomplishments many

The universe opens its arms…


To all I give my love and hope

There is more

There is so much more

I pray you experience everything … accept everything

With open arms

With open heart

And open mind


Remember me truthfully

Do not embellish

For all that I am

I am …

By choice

By design

And by all those who came before,

Whom I loved and who loved me

As I love you

4 thoughts on “A Note Before I go

  1. Hazel Martin

    I understand how Ursula felt on reading the title but was touched on reading what you said about your wife and children, a wonderful thing to do Colin. I agree with give them flowers now as it is too late once you are gone

  2. Ursula Hiatt

    Dear heart

    This was so, so moving, only I wanted to telephone you straight away and ask: Are you all right? Is anything wrong? Please, are you all right?????

    But, I am sure you are and that this is just something that has come into your ether, as it were, and you are following up something that was suggested or came to you, without there being anything wrong at all…

    And, of course, it is very, very moving and I think Lynne and your children will be deeply affected by all you have said – as am I.

    With so much love, as ever – and thank you –



    1. colinjkeats Post author

      Thank you Ursula, no worries, at all. It was one of those ‘thoughts coming in from the ether’ moments, for sure, and I have believed,if not always put into practice, the notion that we should ‘give them the flowers now’ because it is too late once you are gone. In fact the poem that inspires that idea I heard delivered many years ago by a speaker, and it stuck with me, you can read it here, if you are not familiar with it: http://shortstories.ucgreat.com/read/002/645.htm . Wit much love sending back through the ether to you! 😉


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