The Green and The Blue



To live among the green and the blue

Far from the maddening hue

Of neon and incandescence


To abide within the hum of life

Not the discordant strife

Of Television nonsense


What dream of flowing stream

Would drive one to scream?

What vision of wind swept trees

Would cause one disease?


To fall and sleep under pristine sky

Hear the song of the wild

In ringing harmony


I feel the winds of fate blowing strong

I know it won’t be long

Ere I finally see


8 thoughts on “The Green and The Blue

    1. colinjkeats Post author

      Thanks Lisa, I wish I was a better poet, i tend to be too literal in my phrases, but i never claimed to be one, anyway, i just like writing what comes to mind, at times.

  1. Ursula Hiatt

    Hello dearest Colin

    Thank you so much for this: such an exquisite photograph with such a lovely poem.

    I’ve post a COMMENT! First time ever, but, oh, FOR YOU, I was so glad to do it.

    Take care and keep communing with Nature – and take such love from me –



  2. Ursula Hiatt

    I thought this was beautiful and so relevant to every-day life in a world that is removing itself further and further away from Nature. Thank you C.J. Keats – your poem gave me a lovely start to my day. U. S. Hiatt

      1. Hazel Martin

        Colin such lovely thoughts and it is the best way to write, words that just come to mind, it is what you feel and I think it is beautiful too!

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