Travel Blog Introduction

I promised friends and family I might do this so …

After a long hiatus of not writing anything for pleasure, as I write reports all day long for my job (NO EXCUSES …  Bad writer … Bad Writer!), I am taking the opportunity availed by an extended vacation to begin a travel blog. I hope that this will also stimulate me to continue writing fiction and memoir as we go. I know myself well enough to suspect I may not keep up daily writing as we travel, but I will give it a shot and hope that parts of it will be enjoyable not only for family who may be watching but anyone else who might also read my entries.

So I have created this Travel writing section which will contain my logs in whatever timeframe and form they happen to wind up.

To paraphrase a song written by my son: “Thanks for reading … if you are.”

And here is the first entry:



6 thoughts on “Travel Blog Introduction

  1. Jack Hodgins

    Bon Voyage! I’ll be watching (probably “now and then”) but always from a safe distance. Jack

  2. Mary

    Dare I say “Thanks for writing… If you are!”
    Bon Voyage my friends and safe travels on your unforgettable adventures 😀
    I’ll look forward to reading your entries & living vicariously through them.


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