Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge this week was just to write a 100 word story (

So I did.

Why does my mind bend this way?


Gleaming body, perfect face silver-limned by shining moon, she floated towards the bed. Naked, I shivered. Chittering locusts nested in my guts.

Must be the drugs …

The game began.

“I await your pleasure,” I recited. House protocol.

She deviated. “Love.”

Dark syrup voice. The cicadas shrilled.

“Does your Craft not demand pleasure?” Improvising…

She slithered onto the bed. Moon-bleached smile. Pointed teeth—sharp as her nipple piercings.

“Fuck the Craft!” She seized the obvious target.

The safety word: Bug.

I screamed it, glimpsing sparkling razors embedded along her spine. My hands bloody ribbons, we wrestled.

She bit. Insects thundered.


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