‘Everyone has a right to their opinion’ does NOT mean everyone’s opinion is right …


One thought on “Opinions

  1. Ghislain

    To say that “I’m free to assert my opinion”, in no way does justify that opinion.
    Certainly one can say whatever one likes; but is it ‘true’?
    I’ve a right to my opinion” is often used with “we’ll agree to disagree”, which is used by someone wanting to escape the conversation, knowing very well that his lack of knowledge of the subject at hand, will not allow him to carry his argumentation any further.
    I remember somebody stating that in a discussion, one is not entitled to an opinion, but only entitled to what one can argue for.

    Next time you hear somebody say: “I’m entitled to my opinion”, ask why he thinks that. Chances are that you’ll end up by having a more enjoyable conversation.


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